Phase 1- Part 1

  • Planning and Organising

Being our biggest project to date, we had to make sure that everything went to plan when organising the build as the slightest mistake could have thrown the whole project out of place. Keep scrolling to see this magnificent house!

Phase 1- Part 2

  • Footings and Concrete

Once we had the plans drawn it was time to get to work, due to the sheer size of the house we had to make sure the ground was secure and that the correct footings for the house was used to support the structure without it collapsing. Once we had this completed it was time for the concrete to be laid which was left to set and dry.

Phase 1- Part 3

  • Interior Walls, Exterior Walls, and Roof 

It was truly amazing being a part of a project to this scale and being able to watch the team and myself construct this beautiful home from the ground up, each part was undertaken with extreme precision from the carpentry for the roof to the exterior and interior wall designs to allow for maximum room space and an open feel.

Phase 1- Part 4

  • Windows, Roof Tiles, and Guttering

Once all the remaining walls and roof was built it was time to truly give this house that WOW factor it deserves. With a front apex glass pane we had to be extra careful when putting it in place in order for the glass to stay in one piece.

Phase 2- Part 1

  • Interior Design

Yet again, there was that much we needed a phase two to show you all the amazing work. Along with building the outside we also helped to put together the inside. From the marble tiles to the glass staircase all the way to the bathrooms and state of the art kitchen. We provide excellence.

Phase 2- Part 2

  • Drive way, Rear Garden, Outside Spotlights

Finally, to complete the project, we used a patterned slab-way drive for a modern effect. The rear garden was laid with astro turf and then the outside spotlights were fitted to a bespoke effect.  

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